The Marvel Now! Comics You Should Be Reading

Initially, fans like myself weren’t too thrilled by Marvel’s “Marvel Now!” concept, largely because of how much it resembled DC’s “New 52.” Essentially, what the folks at Marvel decided to do was to relaunch many of their most well known series and starting them back at issue 1. Thankfully, this was pulled off much more … Continue reading

A Spring and Summer Movie Guide for Cheapskates

I’ve long been a fan of the summer blockbuster season, a love that has carried over from my latchkey childhood, when I’d scrounge up all of the change I could find between couch cushions just to see whatever loud-obnoxious-thrilling-brainless thing Hollywood had put out. Today movies are of course much more expensive, and you’re going … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of Broseph Stalin

A few days ago I thought I had the perfect idea for a comic: Broseph Stalin. You can imagine how upset I was then to find that not only had Broseph Stalin been done, it’d been done to death. Not only is there a Broseph Stalin meme, there’s also a Broseph Stalin comic. There goes … Continue reading

When Athletes Become Action Stars

It’s a common practice now for famous athletes to look for work in movies. After all, they need something to do once they retire from sports at the ripe old age of 30. Sometimes athletes will try to make a break into the world of comedy, which almost always ends badly (see Shaq in Kazaam). … Continue reading

Superhero Comics for Casual Readers

Superhero comics, especially ones that have been around for decades, inevitably have stories more complex than the casual fan realizes. Writers take great pains to create a ripple effect in their work–sometimes a villain will scuffle with Batman in one issue then  return punch-drunk to fight Batgirl several issues later. Continuity, when it comes down … Continue reading

The Hobbit Film Review: An Unexpected Nap

It’s hard to criticize Peter Jackson’s new film The Hobbit without setting up a perfect that’s-what-she-said joke: it’s too long, I fell asleep in the middle, and I couldn’t remember the names of all of the dwarves involved. The first time I viewed The Hobbit, I made a number of mistakes. I saw the opening … Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Superior by Mark Millar

Teenage superheroes have always had slight handicaps to overcome, usually commonplace ones like shyness around girls, general nervousness, lack of parental support, or poverty. Superior, a seven issue mini-series by Mark Millar, takes the time-honored formula a step further by giving its hero, a pre-teen named Simon Pooni, an incurable, debilitating, tragic handicap: multiple sclerosis. … Continue reading