Graphic Novel Reviews

Here’s all of the graphic novels I’ve reviewed for Panel Discussions thus far.  I read comics pretty frequently, so check back every now and then for more.  The reviews are broken up by publishing company, except for Indie books which are lumped together (I need to read more indie!).

DC Graphic Novels

Batman: Detective 27

Batman: Joker’s Asylum

Batman: RIP

Batman: Time and the Batman

The Brave and the Bold: Without Sin

Seven Soldiers of Victory, Vol. 1

Seven Soldiers of Victory, Vo. 2

Seven Soldiers of Victory, Vol. 3

Superman: Codename: Patriot

Superman: For Tomorrow

Superman/Batman: Torment

Vertigo Graphic Novels

Death: The High Cost of Living

Creatures of the Night

Marvel Graphic Novels

Agents of Atlas Vs. X-Men and the Avengers

Amazing Spider-Man: The Gauntlet: You Can’t Stop the Juggernaut

Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War

The New Avengers: Powerloss

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spiderman Vol. 1

Runaways: Pride and Joy

Secret Invasion

Shanna the She-Devil

Spiderman: Secret Invasion

Ultimate Powers


X-Men: Bizarre Love Triangle

X-Men: Golgotha

Dark Horse


B.P.R.D.: The Warning

B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth: New World

B.P.R.D.: 1947

Martha Washington Saves the World

Murder Mysteries


Acme Novelty Library #20

Bob Dylan Revisited

Calvin and Hobbes The Lazy Sunday Book

Cinema Panopticum

Congress of the Animals

Mister Wonderful

Mouse Guard Winter 1152

Little Lulu: Sunday Afternoon


The Portable Frank


What I Did


The Madness of Art

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3 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Reviews

    • I haven’t actually reviewed anything by Moore yet, but I have read a lot by him. I love all of his America’s Best Comics work, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Watchmen of course. That reminds me I need to pick up the newest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book.

      • yes its good (the 1960s but i think he needs to get on with it and finish it. Also (and not to go on V for Vendetta was excellent (cant remember who wrote that) Keep reviewing some of the old stuff is well worth revisiting.

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