Comic Links

DC Comics:  This is a good site to bookmark if you read a lot of comics.  It gives you a week by week breakdown of what titles are going to be released for both the DC universe and for the Vertigo line.  Also, make sure to check out the downloads section for both companies.  There’s more than a hundred comic book wallpapers that are free to download.  It’s an easy site to use.

Marvel:  Here’s the official Marvel website. If you’ve got $10 bucks to spare every month, I’d recommend you sign up for a digital subscription. After that, you can read thousands of back issues in digital form at no additional charge!

Comic Book Resources:  This site is more informational than the last two.  In fact, it makes my site pretty useless to be honest.  These people are on top of things.  Every time I even glance at the page I learn something new.

Dark Horse:  This is the official site for Dark Horse comics.  It gives you information on new releases and so on, but unlike the Marvel and DC sites, it also gives you free previews of many of their titles!  Also, there are free wallpapers.  This site’s a necessity if you’re a fan of Hellboy, BPRD or Witchfinder, as it’s otherwise hard to keep track of when new issues are coming out.  Also, Dark Horse publishes all of the Star Wars comics right now, so if that’s your thing, check out this site.

Comic Art Community: There’s a huge, huge amount of comic art on this site.  Thousands and thousands of images.  There’s a ton of rough sketches by comic artists as well.  The thing is, it’s all organized by the artist’s name, not by the series, so you should have some idea of what you want to see before you go to the site.

Fantagraphics: Fantagraphics publishes some of the best independent comics around, plus they reissue classic comics like Krazy Kat, Peanuts, and Carl Barks’ Disney comics in cool hardcover editions. Warning: some of these books will cost you a pretty penny. Some of what they publish is risque, so this site’s not recommended for minors.


Coreysbook: This is my other blog about literature, movies, and random thoughts I feel like sharing. I don’t update Coreysbook as much as I used to, but there’s sure to be articles that will interest you.

Underscoopfire: Here’s a site aimed at children of the 80s, full of pop culture essays, humor, and stuff about comic books–some of it’s by me. It’s a pretty fun site and is updated frequently.

My Facebook pages: I have created two separate Facebook pages for my two novels. So far, not many people have clicked Like, but I’m hoping that will change. Check out these sites to hear news about my books and see the pics I put up.

A Rapturous Occasion on Facebook

The Madness of Art: Short Stories on Facebook

My Amazon author page: This site contains the two books I’ve published, plus links and a little bit of info about me. This is worth bookmarking if you want to keep track of whatever I decide to publish next (I’ve got a few different projects in the works, including 1 or 2 comics of my own!).

check out my book short stories on Amazon.


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