A Spring and Summer Movie Guide for Cheapskates

I’ve long been a fan of the summer blockbuster season, a love that has carried over from my latchkey childhood, when I’d scrounge up all of the change I could find between couch cushions just to see whatever loud-obnoxious-thrilling-brainless thing Hollywood had put out. Today movies are of course much more expensive, and you’re going to have to dig through a lot of couches to afford a 3D movie. To help those of you who are cheapskates like myself, I thought I’d rate all of the big movies I’ve seen so far by how much they’re worth paying for–i.e., if you should shell out for a first run screening, or wait for a film to hit a cheap second run theater, or if you should rent it, or if you shouldn’t bother seeing it at all (only one film on the list gets that criticism, and surprisingly, it’s not Fast and Furious 6!). Some of these movies are already at second run theaters. Technically summer doesn’t start until June 21st, but Hollywood calls this the summer season anyways.


After Earth: Rent it

Fast and Furious 6: Second Run Theater

Iron Man 3: Second Run Theater

Jack the Giant Slayer: Rent it

Oblivion: Don’t bother seeing it at all

Oz The Great and Powerful: Second Run Theater

Spring Breakers: Rent it

Star Trek: Into Darkness: See it!

Hopefull this list will help you save money this season.


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