Have A Nerdy Holiday with a Star Wars Christmas Album

Christmas came early for me this year when I happened to google “ridiculous christmas albums” and quickly found “Christmas in the Stars,” a Star Wars themed Christmas album! I pinched myself. Yes, it’s real. It’s not some album a bunch of fanboys cobbled together–although it might be better if it had.

Instead, Christmas in the Stars is basically a schlocked together album made up of original holiday songs featuring vocals by Anthony Daniels, the man behind (inside) C-3PO. If you’re hoping to hear yule tide carols from Han and Leia, you’ll be disappointed. None of the other cast appear, and even Chewbacca’s roars are recycled sound bites.

Still, Christmas in the Stars is fun in an ironic, campy way. I highly doubt anyone truly loves this album, as even small children will be wondering why there’s no Darth Vader and Luke duet. I definitely would not recommend going way out of your way to procure Christmas in the Stars, but if you’re looking to get drunk on hard egg nog and fall asleep with the original Star Wars trilogy on, this might be the album for you.

Oh, and before you ask, of course it’s non-canonical.

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What’d be your review of the Star Wars Christmas album Christmas in the Stars?


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