Cartoon Pick of the Day: The Simpsons: Maggie Makes Three

With so many great episodes of The Simpsons out there, it’s hard to single out a handful to call “classics,” but the episode Maggie Makes Three definitely stands out from the rest.  It features two of the greatest scenes in the entire series if you ask me.

The premise of this episode is that Marge becomes dismayed by how much television they’re watching and decides they should look at old photo albums instead. For some reason, the first several pages of their album featurs pictures of the TV. Then, Bart and Lisa realize there are no photos of Maggie in the album, and ask why that is, which is just the springboard the show needed to do a flashback to a time shortly before Maggie was born.

Here’s where one of the best scenes ever happens. Homer is the one in charge of narrating, and he begins by telling of how the Nuclear Power Plant was invaded by an “all-star team of international terrorists.” Homer puts up his fists and says “Not on my ship!” a parody no doubt of the ultimate shlockbuster film Under Siege, which probably came out around the time Maggie was born. Then, in true Die-Hard fashion, he jumps out of a heating vent to surprise the would-be terrorists and beats all of them single-handedly, then proclaims “Homer Simpson ten, terrorists 8,” at which point his audience interrupts and tells him to tell the real story.

What follows is a tale of how Homer quits the nuclear plant and lives out his dream job of working at a bowling alley.

(spoilers ahead)

Everything is hunky-dory for Homer until he belatedly finds out Marge is pregnant, and that he can’t possibly feed three children on a pin-jockey salary. The stress of having to find a better career makes Homer’s head balloon in size then explode–in Bart’s version of the story.

Things look pretty gloomy for the Simpsons family, that is, until Maggie is born. Homer has the hilarious line when he first sees Maggie “It’s a boy!  And what a boy!” to which Dr. Hibbert replies, “That’s the umbilical cord.” Homer returns to the nuclear power plant, where Mr. Burns insists on denigrating him by putting a plaque in his office saying “Don’t forget, you’re here for life.”

Here’s another of the best scenes in the series. Bart and Lisa ask where the photos of Maggie are, and Homer replies they are where he needs them the most. It cuts to Homer’s office in sector 7 G, where the walls are covered with pictures of Maggie, and the plaque now reads “Do it for her.” Does TV ever get more heartwarming than this? Not on my ship.

The episode Maggie Makes Three can be found on The Simpsons Season Six Disc 2. The discs can be ordered individually through Netflix.

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