Snoop Dogg + Superhero=Snooperhero?

As it turns out, geeks with synthesizers in their garage aren’t the only people who create music about superheroes–hip-hop artists do it too. Take Jay-Z’s hit Kingdom Come for example. In one song, HOV mentions Superman, Flash Gordon, Peter Parker, and calls himself the “Bruce Wayne of the Game.” When it comes to obsessing over superheroes though, no one can compete with Snoop Dogg. His songs “Batman and Robin” not only revels in the adventures of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder, but also samples the theme song from the campy 60s show. If that weren’t enough, Snoop Dogg recently released “Ridahman,” a song about a gangsta  superhero where the background music is clearly the Spider-Man theme. My question now is, when will Snoop Dogg become a masked vigilante with a chinchilla cape?

(Explicit Lyrics)


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