New Poorly Made Comic By Me!

You’d think for a guy who spends as much time reading and writing about comics as I do, I’d be a lot better at making them… Anyways, here’s my first attempt at creating a comic with Photoshop. All of my past efforts were made back when I only had the free program Gimp.

The inspiration for this came from old ads in 70s comics where the Fantastic Four or Iron Man would fight and defeat villains in a single page only to turn out to be promotions for Hostess snack cakes at the end. I decided to use this method to promote my writing career which has so far barely left the ground.

So the comic’s not great. For one thing, this gives me an added appreciation of all of the comic artists who are better than me–just about everyone.

If you’d like to check out my books, please head on over to my Amazon author page. I’ve written two books, The Madness of Art: Short Stories and A Rapturous Occasion, both of which are available as paperbacks or as ebooks, and are modestly priced.

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