The Bottle City of Kandor is Now In Portland Oregon!

Okay, to be clear, there’s not actually a city in a bottle, nor is it explicitly named “Kandor,” but at the Portland Art Museum right now there’s a room devoted to showcasing a model city by the artist Mike Kelly which is closely inspired by Kandor. If you’re unfamiliar with Kandor, the story is this: Superman’s foe Brainiac managed to miniaturize the city of Kandor to the size where it could be conveniently placed in a bottle. Kandor is home to a population of the last remaining Kryptonians, apart from Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Krypto, and a few others.

I saw this exhibit on Wednesday and I was astounded by the painstaking amount of detail Mike Kelly put into it. Much of it is made with semi-transparent materials, then it’s lit from underneath, causing the whole model city to glow with a fantastic aura. Interestingly, Mike Kelly managed to divide the city into sections, so if you let your imagination wander, you can picture one part being the cultural center of Kandor, and another area industrial.

Ticket price is $15, but that includes the rest of the museum as well. Until Mid-August, there’s 4 Monet paintings on loan, plus the museum is home to a handful of great paintings by Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh, Chagall and Delacroix. Overall, this is well worth the ticket price and comes highly recommended to anyone in the Pacific Northwest.


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