2 New Pics By Me: My Best Yet

After years of being hopelessly stingy, I finally caved in and bought Photoshop. Since then, I’ve been avidly trying to learn how to use a program that most people mastered years ago. I recently won $350 on a penny slot machine, so I went ahead and purchased a graphic pen tablet too (a pen that functions as a mouse). Using the three step comic method (pencil–>ink–>color) while utilizing photoshop and the graphic pen, I’ve made two images this week that I think are the best I’ve made so far. Sure, these aren’t great if you compare them to Tomer Hanuka, Yuko Shimizu, or Frank Quitely, but they’re better than what I’ve shoveled out in the past.

Both are promotional pics for my books The Madness of Art: Short Stories and A Rapturous Occasion.

Here’s the same pic as above but without the text.

If you’d like to see both of my books, please check out my author page on Amazon.

To see more images by me, like me on Facebook–that’s where I always post the new pics first.


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