A Few Changes to Panel Discussions… New Stuff!

Hi everyone. Lately this site has had a good boost in daily views, ratcheting up to about 60 or 80 a day, but like a kid in a comic book store, I want more, more, more. To get this result, I’ve decided to add a few new features to this site. My goal is to get at least 100 views a day–then I’ll feel much better pouring time and effort into this site.

More Creative Content!
To criticize is one thing, and to create another. In the end, at least in my opinion, creating something is always more rewarding than critiquing something someone else created. That’s why I’d like to go ahead and load more content onto this site that I have had a hand in creating. Lately I’ve been spending time working on my own comics and other funny images. To view what I’ve already placed online, check out my “Comics by Me” page (look around the top of the site). I’m finally going to purchase photoshop soon, so hopefully the images will improve. I’ll also be including free previews of my fiction work on this site. I’ll very soon share the entirety of The Shopper Awakes, a short story from my book The Madness of Art: Short Stories, and I’ll also sooner or later share excerpts of stuff I’m currently working on.

Book and Movie Reviews
Right now, Panel Discussions features more than 250 articles. I checked out my site’s data and it says I’ve only used up 8% of my available memory. I have another blog called Coreysbook that includes reviews of movies and literature, and I thought today, why not just combine them? I figure, if people enjoy sci-fi comics, they’ll probably also like my reviews of Philip K. Dick books. I’ll be a bit choosy and try to find stuff that I’m sure will have a crossover audience.

Okay, that’s it for now. If you want to help me reach my goal, simply share this site with your friends. Also, check out my public Facebook page.

Thanks everyone.


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