Cartoon Pick of the Day: South Park Cartman Finds Love

Title: South Park, season 16 episode 7, Cartman Finds Love

Hilarious! Mister Garrison teaches the class the complex inner workings of Game of Thrones.

Many times have we seen Eric Cartman play hatemonger on the TV show South Park, but last night, the world got to see a different side of him: matchmaker. I was aghast. Does this mean the diabolical child has made a turn towards the good? Nope. As it turns out, even his good intentions are laced with bad intentions. He’s like Lex Luthor or Norman Osborn in that respect.

Cartman Finds Love begins with a new girl joining South Park elementary, and the moment he sees her, he decides she simply must fall in love with Token (as to why he does this, watch the episode itself). Through Cartman’s machinations, Token and the new girl meet and, in short time, young love begins to blossom, but there’s a wrench in the gears that comes in the form of Kyle Broflovski. This is where the episode comes together in a hilarious way. To ensure the new girl and Token remain together, Cartman has to ensure she doesn’t fall for Kyle, and the way he chooses to do this is downright hilarious.

The animation for South Park has always been cheap, but it looks like to me they stepped their game up after the nationwide HD conversion. Similar to The Simpsons and Futurama, South Park is looking better, sharper, and more detailed than ever before. In Eric Cartman Finds love, the cast and crew bring us an artfully told tale of young love, childhood obesity, and laxatives.

Oh, and it introduces the viewer to Cupid Cartman, who reminded me a lot of Batmite or Gazoo.

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If you act fast, you can watch Cartman Finds Love at the website South Park Studios.


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