Comic Book Pick of the Day: Batman The Dark Knight Issue 7

Note: This review of Batman The Dark Knight #7 contains spoilers.

I guess you could say the message of this issue is that it pays to have friends. It starts out with Batman reeling from a long, protracted battle with Bane, a villain with a serious case of ‘roid rage who had actually crippled Bruce Wayne back in the 90s (see Knightfall). You may recognize Bane from his completely tacked-on role in the ultimate so-bad-it’s-good film Batman and Robin. It’s also likely by now you know he’s the villain of the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. In this issue, it looks as if Bane is poised to defeat Batman again.

Thankfully, Batman has some super friends. Early in the issue, Batman frees Poison Ivy from captivity, and she advises him that one way he could take down Bane would be to poison him with a rare plant extract, the catch being that Bane would have to ingest it. When I saw Bane and Poison Ivy in the same comic, I eagerly awaited Mr. Freeze to pop up somehow to make this a real reunion of Batman and Robin, but no such luck. Later, after grappling with Bane, Batman finds himself in the same position he was in years ago and it looked as if Bane was about to cripple him over his knee again. But there’s the poison, right? Thing is, Batman fumbles with it and drops the vial… When it’s picked up by The Flash!

It’s not a complete coincidence The Flash showed up, but I haven’t read the preceding issues of Batman The Dark Knight so I’m not sure what the story is. What I can say however is, in the words of Frankenstein’s Monster in one of my favorite films The Bride of Frankenstein, “Friends good…”

Batman The Dark Knight issue 7 shows why Bruce Wayne will always have the upper hand over villains like Bane. Batman has friends, he even has a superhero Bat-Family, but no one wants to hang out with Bane.

If you liked Batman The Dark Knight issue 7 you may also like Batman R.I.P.


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