Five Fun Facebook Pages Worth Following

Let’s face it. Sometimes your real friends are not that interesting. Between Farmville requests, images recycled from Reddit, and photos of what everyone’s in the process of eating, checking your Facebook wall can be exapseratingly boring. That’s why–to be honest–I’m glad Facebook lets you follow people you have never physically met. Public Facebook pages, when chosen rightly, can make checking your wall actually enjoyable. Chosen wrongly, Facebook pages turn out to be nothing but advertisements.

So here are five Facebook pages that I’d recommend you check out if you’re into comics, humor, or contemporary art. Remember, if it’s a public Facebook page, there’s no friending required. Hooray for anonymity!

Yuko Shimizu: For my money, Yuko Shimizu is the best comicbook cover artist currently working. For proof of that, check out any issue of The Unwritten. She has created every cover of The Unwritten to date. As it turns out, she also has a knack for social networking. She updates her page daily, and it’s always interesting. Often she shares images from different stages of the process and spreads the word about other artists.

To view her Facebook page, click here.

Comic Book Resources: For anyone who likes mainstream comics, Comic Book Resources is a must. CBR is one of the most popular comic sites on the web (second to mine–I wish), and for good reason. They manage to interview stars of the comic world on a fairly regular basis, plus experts on comics lore are always writing up new articles about the stranger aspects of the art form’s past. The only drawback of following them on Facebook is that they tend to post a lot–sometimes three in an hour. I think Facebook ettiquette should be two to three posts a day, tops, but I guess for CBR I’ll make an exception.

To see the Comic Book Resources page, click here.

Tomer Hanuka: Tomer Hanuka is an artist I only heard about recently, so I can’t say I know much about him. I can say however that his illustrations are pretty impressive. He’s done a lot of work for book covers, magazines and comics over the years, including a stint providing artwork for Wolverine. Some of his subject nature is a bit more graphic, so this one’s not for kids.

To see Tomer Hanuka’s page, click here.

Under Scoop Fire: This is a site totally devoted to everything pop culture from the 80s to the present. To Under Scoop Fire, there’s no such thing as “disposable” or “forgettable” entertainment. Go to this site on any time and you’re likely to see obscure action figures and essays on musicians you may have thought were dead. They also take some of my writing on comics and expose it to a wider audience.

To visit the Under Scoop Fire page, click here.

ME!: I’ll admit it, I can’t resist advertising myself. I created a public Facebook page about a month ago to connect to fans of my writing. So far, I have a whopping 8 likes. Basically, I use this site to keep people up to date on my fledgling writing career and to share links to some of the more interesting things I’ve published online. I also upload my own drawings and illustrations, although they’re nowhere near as good as Yuko’s or Tomer’s. Facebook has this annoying rule that you can’t see your page views or personalize your html until you have 30 followers, so if you want to help me out, please click Like.

To go to my public Facebook page, click here.

Okay, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy these. Do you have any public Facebook pages to recommend?


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