Comic Book Pick of the Day: Wolverine Chop Shop #1

Title: Wolverine Chop Shop One-Shot
Writer: Mike Benson
Penciler: Roland Boschi
Cover Artist: Tomer Hanuka

If you’re looking for a mainstream comic that will end in a gory mess, Wolverine is a good bet. When a guy’s every move revolves around metal claws, it’d be silly for any fight to somehow remain bloodless, which is why I’m surprised Wolvie has remained so popular as a children’s cartoon character.

Wolverine Chop Shop is a far-cry from a Saturday Morning cartoon. The story involves Logan investigating a supposed organ-harvesting ring in the area. His methods are more straight forward than most: he simply uses himself as bait. Since he can regenerate and heal from nearly any wound (to see what he can’t come back from, check out Ultimatum), he purposefully falls right into the bad guys’ trap by letting himself be seduced by a femme fatale who knocks him out and delivers him to the surgeons. Of course, they don’t take into account that everything they take out will grow right back.

Come to think of it, why doesn’t someone force Wolverine to be a mutant organ farm? Whenever someone needs a transplant, just take it from him–it’ll grow back. Maybe avoid his lungs since he puffed cigars for decades before Joe Quesada banned smoking from the pages of Marvel.

The writing by Mike Benson is closely modeled after film-noir films like The Maltese Falcon and the artwork by Roland Boschi is edgy and perfect for the story. Added perk: the cover is provided by Tomer Hanuka.

As you might guess, Wolverine Chop Shop isn’t recommended for children.


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