My Favorite Motivational Poster

If I’m feeling down or blue, all I have to do is peer over at this poster and I am refreshed and revitalized,  ready to greet the world anew.

Yes, this is actually on my wall

To be honest, I have no idea who or what Hakaida Force are. There’s so much to take in with this poster. It’s like the work of Salvador Dali or Pablo Picasso–each time you notice something new. For instance, it wasn’t until the fifth or sixth time I admired this that I realized Hakaida Force, despite their defensive armor, have for some reason left their brains exposed to attack, preserved behind helmets that look no sturdier than fiberglass salad bowls. Come on Hakaida Force, think!

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I found this poster at a shop selling Japanese kitsch. Sometimes it pays to browse!


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