Humorous Comic Pic: My Day at the Factory

About two weeks ago I was employed for a whopping one day at an automobile parts factory through a temp agency. As you might guess, it didn’t go over well. Looking back, it’s pretty easy to confuse my memories of that day with the famous scene from Modern Times where Charlie Chaplin gets swallowed by a machine…

Not much came from my day of work. A week later, I picked up my check for $75 which might sound nice, but as a prerequisite for the job, I had to buy $50 steel toed boots, leaving me with a profit of $25, and what I didn’t spend on gas I piddled away on espresso drinks and a burrito.

The one positive thing to take away is that I was at least inspired to create a bit of satire in the form of a single comic image.

If you haven’t seen Modern Times, here’s the most famous scene.

I’d highly recommend you watch Modern Times.


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