Comic Book Pick of the Day: Aquaman #7

Title: Aquaman Issue 7
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

Normally, it’s considered a common courtesy for a comic writer to include a page or two of dialogue to clue in the first-time reader as to what in the world’s going on. I wish there was such a page in Aquaman issue 7. Aquaman is one of the many DC titles I haven’t had a chance to read much of since the relaunch, so when I finished this one, my first thought was “…what?”

Let’s see, Black Manta is hunting down a Middle-Eastern woman named The Seer in a jungle, Aquaman chats with Meera when a woman in a black bikini wielding two daggers materializes out of nowhere… and so on. How the events connected together, I don’t know. The strangest moment came when Aquaman admits to Meera that he ran into some bizarre creatures in an underwater trench, and that he triggered a deep sea volcanic reaction to seal them up in a watery grave. He then dramatically turns and says, “I killed them all,” bringing back uncomfortable memories of the horrible scene in Star Wars Episode Two where Anakin pouts about how he killed the Tusken Raiders, killed them all… I sincerely hope Aquaman doesn’t turn emo.

Despite my confusion, Aquaman #7 was a pretty solid comic. I especially liked seeing Geoff Johns reteaming with penciler Ivan Reis. They did great work together with Blackest Night. I’m interested in seeing where they go next. Just please don’t go down a road I can’t follow…

What’s your take on Aquaman issue 7?


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