Check Out My New Public Facebook Page!


For the first time in my career as a self-employed writer, I decided to take the plunge and pay for advertising. So far, I’ve been using a very DIY approach (hence the ads on nearly every blog post), but today, having come across some quick cash, I forked over $20 to Facebook for 2 days worth of advertising for the public page I ramshackled together yesterday. After it took about 8 hours to make it through the Facebook review process, it went online and… fizzled.

Similar to blogging, Facebook offers analytics to tell you how many people are seeing your ads, and how many are clicking. According to these stats, 30,000 have seen my ad, and only one bothered to click. To be fair, I rarely click on Facebook ads, so I can’t exactly expect others to.

Still, I had big plans for my $20. Somehow I thought it’d be just what I needed to kickstart my writing career. Now, it seems I would have been better off throwing a 20 into the ocean.

Since my attempt at traditional marketing floundered, let me go the old fashioned way and simply ask fans of Panel Discussions to check out my new Facebook page. If I could get 30 or so likes in the future, I’ll be happy. Plus, it’s not a bad site. So far, there’s a handful of images, a link to my Amazon page, and a link to where you can read one of my short stories for free! There’s more stuff I want to put on it, but I don’t want to chase away the five followers I have so far by flooding their wall with updates. Expect at least one new feature on it everyday for the next week at least.


My thanks in advance to anyone who views my new Facebook page without costing me a cent!

Feel free to comment on it and ask questions. I’m pretty good at responding to every little thing.


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