Comic Book Pick of the Day: Daytripper #5

Daytripper is undoubtedly one of the best comic mini-series of the past decade, and that’s a unique accolade since much of the time Daytripper barely resembles a comic.

Example of interior art of Daytripper issue 5, penciled by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, and colored by Dave Stewart.

It uses the traditional panel format, but so much of the writing resembles a good mainstream novel more than a genre comic, and the images are composed more like well-directed movies than what you normally find on the shelves.

To get an idea of how great the series is, skip ahead to issue 5. In my opinion, Daytripper gets off to an uneven start, and the first two issues in particular didn’t faze me. When I got to issue 5 though, I knew this series was something special.

Without giving too much away, Daytripper is a comic about the life and death(s) of Bras De Olivias Dominguez, a bored obituary writer whose reach forever exceeds his grasp. Each issue of the series jumps to a different important time in Bras’ life, similar to the structure of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. Issue five stands out because it revisits Bras’ childhood, and does so with gloriously and lovingly rendered art.

The pencils provided by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba (brothers) are fantastic. If you’re a fan of this site, you’ll hear more about them in the weeks to come. Lately I’ve been reading everything I can by them, including B.P.R.D. 1947, The Umbrella Academy, and Casanova. Dave Stewart supplies the colors. If you think of Dave Stewart and Hellboy is the first thing that comes to mind, wait till you see his work here. It’s about as far from Mignola’s gothic atmosphere as possible. Much of the issue is colored in lush, exotic hues of orange and yellow.

If you read issue five of Daytripper and enjoy it, make sure to read the entire series (Vertigo has published all of it in a single graphic novel). It’s a rewarding book, and is a joy to look at.

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If you’ve read Daytripper issue 5, what was your opinion of it?


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