What Comic Books Are You Reading?

As anyone who has ever stepped into a comic book store knows, there’s a lot of comics published each month. On this site, I try to give my recommendations each and every week, but I can only read so much, thanks to restraints both temporal and monetary. In a perfect world, I’d read a wide selection of comics both mainstream and indie, but in reality I read a small selection from both categories. If there are any comic books that you’re currently obsessing over, feel free to write about them in the comments box below.

Lately I’ve been reading Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s Daytripper. The entire mini-series has been conveniently published in graphic novel form by Vertigo. So far I’m highly impressed by the book. As early as issue 1 I was aware something different was going on here. The depth of the plot resembles a well-crafted novel more than a comic, and the art, in its subtle use of shifting angles, resembles what I’d normally look for in a good movie.

I’ve also been obsessing over Grant Morrison‘s New X-Men series. It’s hard to believe the early issues of his run are now about a decade old. They feel as fresh and exciting as the best of what’s on the stands today. Every issue of his work with the franchise is available to read on the Marvel site (if you don’t have a digital subscription, try going to Starbucks).

After finishing these up, I plan to spend some time poring over more vintage and classic comics. I’ve got a big volume of 50s era Peanuts strips that won’t read itself, plus I’ve acquired a graphic novel collecting several Superman comics circa World War 2 that’s sure to be fascinating. I’d like to spend some time going over Marvel’s early years, especially comics by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

So that’s what’s on the plate for me. Let me pose the question again: what comics are you reading? Or, what comics do you plan to read, or simply wish you could read?

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2 thoughts on “What Comic Books Are You Reading?

  1. The past few days I’ve been immersing myself in Irredeemable by Mark Waid, about what happens when a superhero of Superman’s abilities goes berserk and kills millions of people. I’ve also been catching up with The Unwritten by Mike Carey, a dark journey into the stories that shape the world. I highly recommend both of these series.

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