Comic Book Pick of the Day: Star Trek #5 (1990)

Trekkie or not, you have to admit, this is a pretty sweet book cover, especially for a comic from the early 90s. The cover to Star Trek issue 5 does what a cover should: it makes you want to read the issue. Then, as is all too frequently the case, when you read the issue, you’ll realize you’ve been misled.

Nothing particularly interesting happens in the issue itself. If you thought that Captain Kirk, McCoy and Spock would beam down to a planet infested with zombies, as the cover would have you believe, you’d be wrong. Instead, the issue begins with a glimpse into Sulu’s love-life, followed by news of Kirk’s trouble with galactic law. He’s about to stand trial for some manner of crime that’s never defined in the issue itself. Then, for some reason, McCoy tries to find a way to cure a group of aliens who have come down with a bad case of leprosy. Overall, a ho-hum issue. I couldn’t figure out how the three plots even fit together. Maybe I’d get more out of it if I read other Star Trek comics from this period, but frankly, I don’t want to.

What made this issue worthy of being my comic book pick of the day was a delightfully cheesy moment that seems like it’s ripped off from every 90s movie ever made.

Unless you’re a die-hard science fiction fan, I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to find Star Trek issue 5.



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