Comic Book Pick of the Day: Wonder Woman #6

Most mainstream comics have a general status quo allowing newcomers to pick up any issue and follow the events without too much head scratching. Brian Azzarello isn’t like most comic book writers though, and now he’s been hired to reinvent Wonder Woman. He’s a writer of high-concept superhero adventures: think Lost, The Walking Dead, or Twin Peaks. You can’t pick up his comics and start anywhere… Or can you?

I read the first issue of Brian Azzarello’s take on Wonder Woman and wasn’t too impressed, in fact, I was thrown off by his use of a decapitated horse near the issue’s end. While I thought the series had potential, it wasn’t something I wanted to spend money on. Today, thanks to my new cheapskate habit of reading comics in Barnes and Noble, I was able to read issue 6–and loved it (sorry for the lousy quality of the photo of the cover).

I had hardly a clue of what was going on. There was a giant talking frog, a taciturn character with a melting candle for a head, and a supervillian whose “costume,” if you can call it that, was a cloak made up of peacock feathers, wearing nothing else besides. This was the sort of freewheeling comic book weirdness I don’t find much from the big companies like DC outside of the work of Grant Morrison. The penciling by Tony Akins was fantastically cartoony, and the colors by Matthew Wilson perfectly fit the tone of the book itself: surreal, playful, and not too dark.

I might have to actually buy Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman in the future.


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