Nerdy Question: Who Has Died More Times?

For a while I thought the comic book character who has died and returned to the land of the living the most times was Jean Grey*, a.k.a. Phoenix. Originally, she was a self-conscious teenager with psychic abilities and a go-go dancer outfit, but then she died somehow, came back as The Phoenix, an extremely powerful telepath, and then turned schizoid and destroyed an entire planet while flying through space as if she were a driver with a beginner’s permit who smashed a mailbox while texting. After becoming Phoenix, she dies again… and again… and again…

It’s possible Marvel fans have put their foot down and don’t want to see her return if she’s only going to be cruelly taken away. I haven’t seen a real appearance of Jean Grey since Grant Morrison‘s New X-Men series (apart from when Phoenix appears in Wolverine’s subconscious, but then she’s a figment of his imagination). Could it be she’s dead for good?

Today I had to wonder, has Magneto died more times? I simply haven’t read enough old X-Men issues to answer this question. I know he died, then came back and disguised himself as a masked mutant named Xorn only to die again somehow, and, of course, came back again as his normal self later. How many times has he done this?

*Of course, the aptly named Resurrection Man died more times than Jean Grey and Magneto.

So the nerdy question I want to pose is this: which character died more times, Jean Grey or Magneto?

If you know the answer, write it in the comment box. I don’t know the answer myself, but I’m curious. There’s no prize involved, but at least you can feel proud to know your brain contains a lot of trivial information about Jean Grey and Magneto.


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