Comic Book Pick of the Day: Green Lantern #5 (2012)

I’ve been a long-time fan of the Green Lantern franchise, but after the company-wide reboot, I decided to take a break from the series. I’d collected about every issue of Green Lantern from Blackest Night to Brightest Day to the War of the Green Lanterns, so you could understand that I’d be jilted when all of that was scrapped and restarted. What a mistake I made! Yesterday I read Green Lantern #5 and found it to be one of the most fulfilling comics in the new DCU.

From what I can tell, Green Lantern wasn’t really rebooted at all. The story seems to continue seamlessly from where The War of the Green Lanterns left off. Hal is deposed and Sinestro is riding high in his place. This issue features a jaunt to Korugar and an uneasy alliance of the two main characters, as Hal Jordan has to become part of Sinestro’s entourage in order to regain his power ring. 

Doug Mahnke has been penciling Green Lantern for a long time now, but it’s hard to tire of his work. Geoff Johns, who’s currently involved in a ton of different projects, still devotes a large amount of energy to the series that’s been the foundation of his career for the last several years.

While so much of the new DCU involves unnecessary changes and convoluted backstories, it’s nice to see a series going strong. So far, the only DC titles I’ve fully enjoyed have been Batwoman, Batgirl, Action Comics, and Static Shock*. Add Green Lantern to the list. Time to scrounge up another $3 every month!

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*Static Shock has already been canceled.

If you enjoyed Green Lantern issue 5, you might also like Action Comics issue 3.


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