Five Quick Superhero Graphic Novel Reviews

Just about every time I finish a novel I review it on my other site Coreysbook; it’s not so difficult because I only finish books every other week or so. Graphic novels on the other hand I read so many of I couldn’t possibly review them all. The comics I review for this site are just a small portion of what I’ve read, and even now blogging eats up a lot of my time. So to cut down on time and energy for you and for me, I’ve decided to start writing short reviews from time to time using Amazon’s Listmania.

Amazon only allows 400 characters for each book on the list, and that adds up to less than three tweets. The nice part is, you can easily link to the product pages of the books on the list you might find interesting. Plus, I think it’s for the best if I’m not allowed to yammer on and on.

I wrote short reviews of Ultimate X, World War Hulks, Batman and Robin Vol. 1, Iron Man: The Five Nightmares and Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Odyssey.

Click here to view the list.

To read longer reviews, check out my graphic novels page.



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