New Features!

As any blogger knows by now, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a site while updating new content. Usually it’s one or the other. So far, I’ve been focusing on adding as much content as possible, but haven’t retooled my site to make sure all of the content is easily accessible. I’ve published more than 170 articles now, but many are just floating around, not attached to anything.

To try and fix this problem, I’ve spent some time organizing this site. If you look at the top of the site, there’s a list of pages you can go to. I’ve updated most of these now, so if you click around you should be able to easily find things I’ve posted in the past. I have also added more sites to my links page. I added a simple “store” featuring the two books I have self-published.

The biggest change is that I added a new page for movie reviews. If you go there, you can find the handful of reviews I’ve written for this site, plus links to the many reviews I’ve written for my other blog Coreysbook. If you’re bored, go ahead and check these out. I have eclectic taste in movies, ranging from sci-fi thrillers to French New Wave films to Howard the Duck. Usually, I don’t write standard reviews–other people do that better than me. Instead, as much as possible, I like to blend criticism with light philosophy, social criticism, personal anecdotes, and Gene Shalit-esque punning. I’ll bet some of the movies you’ve never heard of.

Lastly, I’d like to ask fans of this site to share my articles that you like. If you look beneath every article there’s sharing buttons. In the past two months, I’ve gained a lot of subscribers (thanks everyone), and views have gone up, but it’d be nice if my daily views were higher. If this site does get more views, I’ll have more incentive to keep writing.

Side note: I’d like to apologize to my Twitter followers. I got a direct message two days ago saying something like “Just thought you should know people are saying horrible things about you…” and, like I was born yesterday, I clicked on the link. Before I knew it, a message had been sent to many of my followers that I knew horrible rumors about other people, which is frankly not true. I care very little for gossip or rumors. I care more for the troubled relationship of Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse than for any scandalous relationships real people have. If you received a message like that from me, just ignore it. I didn’t send it… I was just dumb enough to click on the link.

By the way, you can subscribe to this site for free.


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