Top 5 Weirdest Marvel Stories of the Decade: #4 Deadpool: I’m Your Man

#4: Deadpool: I’m Your Man

First off, why in the world is a Deadpool story named after a classic Leonard Cohen song? Pop culture references have always been a Deadpool staple, but what possible connection could there be between the Merc with a Mouth and one of the greatest singer-songwriters in history?

The weirdness doesn’t end there. In the three issue arc written by Daniel Way and drawn by Carlo Barberi, Wade Wilson has one of his most bizarre adventures–and he’s been stranded on a planet of zombies before! It begins inauspiciously enough. While shopping at a mini-mart, our hero runs into a gang of assassins who have the ability to regenerate like himself. For a few pages, Deadpool kills the goons several times over, until discovering the owner of the shop is a terrorist-turned-capitalist. That is, he stockpiled weapons intending to bring them back to his home country, but decided to start selling them for a profit instead. Deadpool resolves everything in a ludicrously bloody fashion, and by the end, Captain America, newly back from the grave, shows up to recruit Deadpool into his team! What?

As anyone who’s read Marvel comics before knows, there’s never a shortage of clones and/or identical androids around to complicate matters. As it’s quickly revealed, Captain America and his cronies Black Widow and Moon Knight are clones. But if they’re clones, who’s the one that made them?

Here’s where Deadpool: I’m Your Man earns its spot on the list of the 5 weirdest Marvel stories. As it turns out, the mastermind behind it all is… Doctor Bong? Yesterday I wrote of how Marvel had made the strange choice to bring back one of their properties from the seventies for the Shanna The She-Devil mini-series. Doctor Bong is another ridiculous character that became lost in history. He originated in the pages of Howard the Duck as the hero’s archnemesis. Why is he named Doctor Bong? Not for the reason you might think! (Okay, maybe secretly for that reason). Doctor Bong has a a bell for a head, and a ringer for a hand. He confronted Howard the Duck constantly while at the same time pining for Howard’s human gal-pal, whom he forces to marry him at one point. After Howard the Duck ended (George Lucas’ movie version barely helped the series), Doctor Bong disappeared, until returning all of a sudden in Deadpool: I’m Your Man.

So who will stand up to fight the devious Doctor Bong? In a twist so hackneyed it can only happen in comics, the original Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Moon Knight show up to send out the clones. As you might guess, writer Daniel Way can’t pass up an opportunity for a little hero-on-hero action, as Deadpool and Steve Rogers beat the daylights out of each other, until Deadpool has both Steve Rogers and his clone tied up, and has to choose which one is real.

To top it off, the cover art of the second issue of the story shows Steve Rogers delivering a devastating crotch kick to the Merc with a Mouth!

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Deadpool: I’m Your Man is comprised of Deadpool issues 27-29.

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