Comic Book Pick of the Day: Amazing Spider-Man #647

If you’re a long-time reader of this site, you’ll know the scourge of my existence as a Spider-Man fan is Brand New Day. To keep my blood pressure from rising, I won’t go into why I disliked the premise of the story arc so much, suffice it to say that I felt jilted by the disappearance of history, much like my lukewarm reaction to the new DCU (something I know a lot of you share). Amazing Spider-Man #647 is a special uber-sized issue meant to bring an end to Brand New Day and to tie up a lot of loose ends.

The issue is more than 60 pages of different stories, each featuring different writers and artists, including the long-time webhead Mark Waid. I’m guessing the point of this issue was to stow away Peter’s emotional baggage instead of having him carry it into his next journey. (Spoiler) Somewhat conveniently, Mary Jane Watson moves to Hollywood and Harry Osborn goes into hiding with his newborn child. Some of the stories included here were so-so, but there’s an applause worthy vignette featuring Spider-Man catching up with his former rival and new BFF Flash Thompson. Spidey, as is his role in life, has a guilty conscience, this time because he thinks he was responsible for Flash’s two terms as a soldier which eventually cost him the use of both legs. Flash Thompson though has a different take on the situation, one that’s sure to please those of us who’v followed his life with interest.

Amazing Spider-Man #647 signaled to me it was okay to read the comic book again. With Mary Jane Watson essentially phased out, I don’t have to keep wondering why she and Pete don’t just get back together. Also, with Harry now out of the picture, we don’t have to read more about the twisted relationship that produced his child (it’s like they took a page out of The Curse of the Golden Flower screenplay). Ironically, now that Brand New Day is over, it might just be a Brand New Day for Peter Parker!

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