DC Changes the Lineup Again?

Sad to see you go, Static Shock.

While checking my Facebook updates a few minutes ago, I came across this article from the good folks at Comic Book Resources stating that DC has already canceled 6 comics from the new 52, and are essentially implementing a newer 52, with 6 replacements ready.

The comics being canceled are O.M.A.C., Men of War, Mister Terrific, Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and (sigh) Static Shock. Most of those I’m not too sad to see go. I’m not sure why anyone thought Hawk and Dove would be a popular series (a dude with ‘roid rage and anger issues teams up with a ‘love is nice’ sort of superheroine). I wasn’t aware Men of War or Blackhawks were even comics. Mister Terrific had potential, although I haven’t read any of the issues, but he’s a cool character. Static Shock is a big loss. I’ve tried to support Static Shock as much as possible on this site–there needs to be more diversity in comics.

The 6 new ones coming in dull the pain of the loss of Static Shock. They are Batman Incorporated (!!!), Earth 2, World’s Finest, Dial H, G.I. Combat and the Ravagers. I don’t know much about the last two, but the rest sound awesome! Months ago I wrote about Batman Incorporated and called it “A comic that can’t come back soon enough.” Well now it’s back, and I’m glad. There’s a lot of loose ends still in the air from when it ended. I’m interested in seeing how Grant Morrison will finish up everything he’s done with Bruce Wayne as a character.  Earth 2 should be good since it’s written by James Robinson (Starman) and I’m hoping it will resolve my burning question, what happened to the JSA? DC without the older generation of characters just doesn’t seem right. Dial H is based on a comic from decades ago about a phone that grants superpowers when someone dials H-E-R-O. At first that might sound potentially goofy, but it’s being written by the certifiably cool writer China Mieville, who has written several popular sci-fi/fantasy novels in the past year. Novelists can’t always transition well into comics, and comic writers don’t always make the best novelists (one big exception being Neil Gaiman), but let’s hope Mieville brings the originality of his fiction work to this DC book. World’s Finest will star Power Girl and Huntress. Before the relaunch, Power Girl had her own series, but it didn’t do much in terms of sales or critical praise. Maybe teaming her up with the darker Huntress will create a solid book (although the superhero odd-couple idea didn’t work so well with Hawk and Dove).

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Any other big news from DC I should know about? I haven’t been following the company all that closely. Also, what’s your opinion of the newer 52 at DC?


One thought on “DC Changes the Lineup Again?

  1. Sorry to hear about Static getting the axe yet AGAIN. They never give that title a chance. I only hear bits and pieces about the new 52 from friends that still read cape titles. I stopped buying anything by “the big two” and have only read or purchased indie comics for the past couple years.

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