New Year’s Resolution: Make a Comic

I’ve long thought about making my own comic book, but hesitated due to my mediocre drawing skills and my lack of technical know-how. Nowadays, so much of comics are made on the computer (especially those by Marvel and DC), but I don’t even have Photoshop. I decided to push on anyway and try to create a comic of my own using old fashioned methods: pencil, ink, paper, and simplistic color fills with the computer. The first comic I hope to produce is a series focusing on humor, where each issue will contain three ongoing stories. One that I’ve written most of is titled “Moony Man,” a story about  a guy recovering from a break up told using the style and format of superhero comics. I’ve drawn up three pages so far, but only colored 1. Here it is. Click on it to see a larger size.


I have already written and published two book in prose. If you are interested, please visit my Amazon author page.

If you’d like to hear updates on my progress making my own comic, please subscribe to this site–it’s free.


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