Things I’d Like to See in Comics in 2012

Okay, so the new year is almost here and it’s time for predictions and wishes. The big companies have already announced a few of the things we should look forward to next year. For example, Marvel keeps advertising some sort of X-Men vs. Avengers story (and you know how I hate superhero on superhero violence) and DC has alluded to some sort of epic event involving the mysterious cloaked woman who appeared in every DC issue 1. Honestly, both ideas don’t thrill me much. One of the things I am excited about however is Hellboy in 2012. After the cataclysmic conclusion of The Fury storyline, Mike Mignola has said that he will take over drawing Hellboy as well as writing it, something he hasn’t done since The Chapel of Moloch one-shot. That’s about all I know concerning what will come out next year, now here’s just some things I hope to see.

Wishful Thinking:

1) I’d like to see mutants and regular superheroes cooperate in Marvel.

It seems like with every big event, the key players are either the human heroes (Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, etc.) OR the mutants (X-Men, X-Force, everyone with an X in their name). For example, in Secret Invasion, the X-Men didn’t really do anything as part of the main storyline, except beat up some Skrulls in a 3-part crossover. The only mutant who seems to go back and forth is Wolverine, but I’m guessing that’s because he’s such a popular character, anything he lends a claw to will sell. I’d like to see both sides interacting more. X-Men fighting the Avengers sounds pretty lame (I think it’s safe to assume neither side will really “win”) but if X-Men fought with the Avengers…

2) I’d like to see the DC Universe start making sense.

I’ve spent around $30 or 40 dollars buying up DC’s newly rebooted titles, and still can’t understand what’s going on in the DCU. I keep thinking if I bought more the scope of the new world would become clarified, but I really don’t want to spend more at this point. What I don’t get is… well, everything. What’s the timeline, for example? In one book, the JLA are just forming, in another Batgirl can walk again, and Superman is just starting out in Metropolis, while elsewhere he’s in a different costume and is no longer with Lois… What’s going on? I used to be quite devoted to DC, now I’m quickly losing interest.

3) I’d like to find out what Jeff Smith has in mind for his next project.

Sadly, RASL will most likely be ending this year. Jeff Smith already announced he planned the series to be about 15 or 16 issues long, and I think we’re at 12 now. I love RASL and hate to see it go, but that loss would be softened if I had an idea of what Jeff Smith would do next. I know a Bone spin-off would be asking for too much, but maybe a  return to high fantasy? I’ve read Jeff Smith’s take on Shazam and that was awesome, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him try out superheroes. But he likely doesn’t wish to repeat himself…

4) Maybe some more gorilla characters?

This is the most feasible request on the list: bring back the gorillas! For a long time, smart gorillas have been a staple of comic books. Off the top of my head, I can list four: Flash’s nemesis Gorilla Grodd, the intellectual gorilla in Art Adams’ Monkey Man and O’Brien, Monsieur Mallah (who met his demise in DC’s Salvation Run, but characters have come back from worse fates), and the gorilla member of Agents of Atlas. I think there may have been a gorilla in Tom Strong, but I can’t really remember right now. I’m a sucker for gorilla characters. Let’s see some primate action! I’ll also accept chimpanzees.

5) I’d like to create my own comics.

For a long time I’ve toyed with the idea of making my own comic, but in the end I always hit technical issues and gave up. This past month, I’ve invested in art supplies and professional tools. I finally own a lightbox. I even started drawing on big 11×17 paper like the professonals (the paper’s eventually scaled down to comic size). I know how to publish ebooks (it’s actually pretty easy) and how to self publish paperbacks (considerably harder). Everything’s lined up for me to make some comics of my own, if only I can commit to it. I’ve drawn and inked three pages of a comic this week, let’s just hope I don’t get sidetracked. Stay tuned for more on that.


If you’re interested I have published two novels in prose. One is titled The Madness of Art Short Stories and the other is titled A Rapturous Occasion. To find out more, please check out my Amazon author’s page.


What comic book ideas would you like to see hit the shelves in 2012 (write your response in the comment box below)?


3 thoughts on “Things I’d Like to See in Comics in 2012

  1. The Avengers vs X-Men is probably a lame attempt to promote the Avengers movie this summer, with proven box office winners X-Men. I, too, am tired of superheroes duking it out. It seems that after all this time they would know each other to be good guys. The superhero vs superhero is a cliche that needs to be retired.

    The DCU timeline is definitely a bit wonky to figure out. It wouldn’t be hard to just put in a small caption stating “Present Day” or “5 Years Ago”. But as near as I could figure out, having read all the Number-1 issues, Action and JLA take place about 5 years in the past and everything else is present day. Detective may also occur sometime in the past.

    What I’m looking forward to most in 2012 is a new Parker graphic novel from Darwyn Cooke.

    Best wishes to you on your goal to publish your own comic.

  2. Great point about the DCU timeline. I haven’t been impressed with the reboot so far, I’ve only bought Justice League 1-4, Green Lantern, and a couple Aquaman issues. It appears there is no continuous timeline relating any of the books.

  3. Onslaught remains one of my favorite Marvel Major Events because it featured some of their biggest names all teaming up. The final issue Onslaught:Marvel Universe remains one of my favorite comic books of all time. I love the panel where Cap is leading the Avengers into the Onslaught psi-energy and shouts “Avengers Assemble!!!” Sure this event to Heroes Reborn, which might not have been the best idea in the world, but it also let Marvel do a little reboot on some continuities that had gotten pretty messed up, like teenaged Tony Stark.
    Let’s have less gimicks like Civil War, Schism, and Avengers: X-Sanction and have more epic events that actually end up meaning something to the continuity for a little while.

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