Comic Book Pick of the Day: Hulk #3 (2008)

One fine day I’ll understand why there are so many Hulks… Today is not that day. If anything, Hulk issue 3 only confused me more, but I can live with it.

Prior to Marvel month, Hulk isn’t a franchise I kept up with–not that I have anything against the juvenile green giant, but because I don’t really want to spend $3 or $4 on a comic where most of the dialogue is along the lines of “Hulk smash.” With my subscription to Marvel’s digital comic archive, I can finally read about Hulk, and try to piece together what I’ve missed.

There’s two other reasons to read the Hulk 2008 series: Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. Jeph Loeb, for a while, was one of the absolute best writers in comics; he wrote Batman: The Long Halloween, a graphic novel many fans consider to be one of the very best Batman books out there (myself included). Plus, he produced and wrote for Heroes back when the series was watchable (I loved the first season, but after that…). I’ll admit, I lost some faith in Loeb during the whole Marvel comics Ultimatum event, but he’s in fine form with the Hulk, keeping the series fun, action-packed, and fairly light.

Ed McGuinness’ artwork is always a joy. I’ll read anything he draws. These days, while so many comic artists are trying to be like David Finch or Jim Lee, I love how McGuinness’ style goes back to Jack Kirby. The way McGuinnes draws Hulk and gamma radiated cronies owes a lot to how Kirby drew the New Gods in Fourth World, a series I wish more comic creators would emulate.

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If you would like to see the cover of Hulk #3 and read a brief preview, visit the Marvel page by clicking here.


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