Comic Book Pick of the Day: Fear Itself #6

Fear Itself #6 is technically a pick-up issue–that is, it picks up where the high amount of action in #5 left off, and sets up for the cataclysmic climax in #7. As far as pick-up issues go, this one’s a doozy. A lot of things happen here: Steve Rogers (Captain America) picks up a rifle, Iron Man asks a favor from his new drinking buddy Odin, and Odin goes on to have a rare heart-to-heart moment with Thor. Oftentimes issues like this tend to slack in the art department, but Stuart Immonen’s pencils are fantastic, as are the colors.

(Spoiler) I found this issue to be the strongest in the series. The last issue I thought was too inconclusive and even anti-climactic. I’ve read online that Matt Fraction is working on stories to start where Fear Itself left off, which explains why some aspects of the story were up in the air at the end. I wish everything had concluded in one big issue, with Capt. America avenging Bucky Barnes and Sin getting her comeuppance. What amazed me most about Fear Itself #6 was that it featured the Avengers actually preparing to evacuate the planet–making this event bigger and more explosive than Onslaught or even Secret Invasion. Overall, I think Matt Fraction did a great job writing this series.

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If you like Fear Itself #6 you may like Fear Itself: Iron Man 2.0.


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