Reader Poll: Indie Comics or Cartoons?

As you may know, this is Marvel Month at this site, and I have been focusing on all things Marvel for the past few weeks. In December–on the 8th to be specific–I’ll be switching to a different theme. Now, originally I started this site to be about basically anything that involved drawings and stories, but as time went on, I lost track of wider aims and ended up saturating it mostly with superhero comics. I’d like to broaden out a little bit, but would like to leave it up to the readers: indie/ non-mainstream comics next month or cartoons?

By indie/ non-mainstream, I guess I mean everything that doesn’t fall under Marvel or DC. I’ll probably be writing about stuff along the lines of the work of Daniel Clowes, Jason, or my newfound love, Alexander Herge’s Tin Tin comics.

By cartoons, I mean the medium itself. I’m one of the handful of people out there that considers cartooning a serious art form, and I love everthing from old Warner Brothers cartoons to Taro the Dragon Boy and everything in between. I could also write a lot about The Simpsons, King of the Hill, and Futurama, as I’ve watched prodigious amounts of those shows.

I’ve put up polls like this in the past, and unfortunately, very few people ever vote. You’d be astonished by the ratio of views vs. votes. So I’d like to remind people voting is anonymous, and I don’t get your email so there’s no spam or anything like that involved. PLEASE VOTE

Also, if you’re curious as to why there have been less posts than usual lately, it’s because I’m in the final stages of a story I’ve been working on set around Christmas. I completed it yesterday and will be combing through it the next two days or so for typos, but will hopefully have it up for sale as an ebook this week. When I first put it up for sale, I’ve decided I’ll only charge $1.50 for the first few days, so stay tuned to this site for announcements. I will likely have it up for sale in paperback sometime at the start of December–cutting it close, I know, because Christmas isn’t that far away.

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Of course, you can also check out the book I already have out for sale, The Madness of Art: Short Stories, available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.


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