Comic Book Pick of the Day: She Hulks #1

As a company, I’ve realized Marvel, more than anyone else, has a definite penchant to create comics that are deathly serious in tone, so much so the term “comic” can seem misplaced. Look at some of the morbidly tragic moments Marvel has produced: Daredevil’s girlfriend sells him out for drug money, the Scarlet Witch is turned into the craziest spinster this side of The Turn of the Screw, and the Green Goblin somehow murders Peter Parker and MJ’s child before it’s even born. It’s a relief then when the company puts out a comic that’s actually comical (for another example, see Deadpool).

She Hulks #1 is about as light as it gets. Basically, it’s pure camp. The plot seems lifted right out of Charlie’s Angels, with Bruce Banner (The Hulk) being the Charlie of the group. He tasks the original She Hulk, lawyer Jennifer Walters, to train the new She Hulk, a girl from the 23rd century named Lyra, to not only be a better fighter but also fit in as a human being, going so far as to insist Lyra goes to high-school. As you can guess, there’s a lot of fish-out-of-water jokes, the likes of which you won’t see so shamelessly used except in the Star Trek film where Spock and Kirk go to Earth to save whales. 

The cover art is by Ed McGuinness, a penciler who seems to be the most appropriate artist for any Hulk, as he draws in a broad, bulky style like Jack Kirby circa the Fourth World years. Penciling for the interior art is provided by Ryan Stegman, whose style is also fitting, as it’s just as cartoonish as such a story would call for. Plus, the heroines fight the dorkiest villain I’ve seen in a while named The Wizard.

If you would like to see She Hulk #1 on the Marvel site and read a short free preview, click here.

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