More Links for Comic Book and Cartoon Fans

Here are some sites I’ve found recently that will likely interest comic book or cartoon fans.  For more links, click here.

Comic Book and Movie Review: As the title suggests, this is a site that contains a lot of info on comic books and popular movies. It’s also updated daily and has a comic section arranged by title or by artist. There’s a lot of content here.

Fantagraphics: This is a company that publishes a lot of high-end, artsy comics and republishes old classic comics. Some of the books they put out include Carl Barks’ Disney comics, and works by Jim Woodring (Congress of the Animals), Thomas Ott (Cinema Panopticum) and Jason (What I Did).

Underscoopfire: If you ever feel nostalgic for the better parts of the 80s, this is the site for you. Much of the site is devoted to pop culture and entertainment, with a section also about comics. Some of the posts in the comic section are mine, but the people at Underscoopfire are better with computers than me, so there are more pictures and so on. It’s also a pretty funny site.

Vertigo: I’d recommend checking out the Vertigo site at least once a month to see what’s being released. Not only do they currently publish such favorites as The Unwritten and Fables, but also graphic novels of great completed series like Daytripper, Air and comics by Harvey Pekar. If you look in the “Download” section, there are free desktops.

Cartoon Links:

Comedy Central: This site offers some South Park episodes to stream for free, and occasionally features Futurama episodes.

Hulu: I use Hulu a lot to catch up on The Simpsons. There’s now a Saturday Morning cartoon section that has every episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle! There’s also Voltron (I’m very tempted to start watching that again). It’s free; the one drawback is sometimes you have to sit through long commercials.

McGarnagle: Are there ever Simpsons references you don’t get? The McGarnagle website takes an encyclopedic look at the wide range of pop culture spoofed by Simpsons, coming across things that even I haven’t heard of. For example, do you remember the Treehouse of Horror episode where Martin is wearing a t-shirt with the logo “Wang Computers?” The site not only points out that was a real company, but also found an old commercial it put out.

Okay, that’s it for now.

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