Comic Book Pick of the Day: Deadpool #15

scanned cover to Deadpool #15

Considering the huge influx of Deadpool comics in recent years (are there still 4 ongoing monthlies?) I’m a bit ashamed to admit I’ve read very few. In some ways, I’m put off by the sheer profusion of Deadpool titles. In the 90s I was way into Spiderman, so much so that I would often purchase each issue, which meant buying at least 4 Spidey books a month, plus all of the crossover issues–I even own every issue of Identity Crisis (if you’re too young to remember, Identity Crisis involved Peter Parker ditching his Spiderman garb and taking in its place FOUR different superhero identities).

However I do own a lot of Deadpool comics from when the character originally started his own series. I’d recommend Wade Wilson fans go and scour long boxes for those. The few newer Deadpool issues I’ve read have been heavy on action and wisecracks, but light on everything else. The early issues however focus on building him as a character, making him no longer a bit character from X-Men, but instead this larger-than-life tragicomic dynamo. It’s specified pretty clearly that Wade Wilson’s insane, but that the chance combination of tics, neuroses, quirks and so on have made him functionally insane. He’s like a depressed Bugs Bunny.

This issue highlights some of the things Deadpool has to be upset about, such as being defeated recently by his arch-nemesis T-Ray, having a falling out with one of his close friends, losing the love of his life, and angering his only benefactor Blind Alfred. It’s hardly a sob-story though as Deadpool also wrangles with a big yellow monster and gets invited into a Men in Black style secret headquarters.

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