Comic Book Pick of the Day: Green Lantern #67

scanned cover to Green Lantern #67, art by Doug Mahnke

While the War of the Green Lanterns story arc wasn’t as exciting as Blackest Night, it did make a lot more sense, and played a more important role in the whole Green Lantern mythos.  Green Lantern #67 shows the shocking conclusion to the story.  It’s written, of course, by Geoff Johns whose been hogging the series for years now.  It’s penciled by Doug Mahnke, an artist I never tire of.

There was a lot of action packed into this single issue–enough to fill a three part miniseries I’d say.  There’s a cool metafictional moment where Kyle Rayner has to save the day by scribbling with his ring onto Krona’s “big black diary.”  This is also an important comic to read if you want to understand why Sinestro is now taking Hal Jordan’s place in this month’s Green Lantern #1.

Spoiler: There’s an unintentionally funny moment at the end where a now powerless Hal Jordan says that this isn’t how it was supposed to end.  He should count himself lucky since most Green Lanterns end their career in horrific deaths.  I’m sure Hal will be back.

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