Comic Book Pick of the Day: Xombi #6

scanned cover to Xombi #6, art by Frazer Irving

Issue six is the last issue of Xombi…  possibly forever.  That might be hasty of me.  With comic book characters, you never can tell.  Sometimes characters who weren’t popular at all to begin with will vanish into obscurity for years then reappear out of the blue, like when popular novelist Jonathan Lethem brought back The Omega or James Robinson revived Starman.  I don’t know if Xombi will be so lucky.

Xombi originated in the 90s as part of the iconic Dwayne McDuffie’s (R.I.P.) Milestone company, a subsidiary of DC.  The character was integrated into the DCU with the original writer, John Rozum, attached.  After 6 issues, the new 52 came along and Xombi wasn’t invited.  The DC run lasted 6 issues, all illustrated by Frazer Irving (who provided art for Seven Soldiers of Victory).  John Rozum has said that he’s working on new ideas for DC, but I haven’t heard any mention of Xombi.

Anyways, this is the last issue for all I know, making it a collectible and also a pretty good read.  To be honest, I don’t really understand what’s going on in the comic, but all of it looks really cool.  Fans of trippy sci-fi/supernatural fiction will like this one.

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