Comic Book Pick of the Day: The Unwritten #28

Scanned cover to The Unwritten #28, art by Yuko Shimizu

Why am I saying this is the comic book pick of the day?  Just check out the cover!  I always like the artwork of Yuko Shimizu, but she completely upped her game with this one.  When I bought this, the clerk said she’d been accidentally putting new issues of The Unwritten into the old issue bins–that’s how convincing this homage to Golden Age comics is!  The current 4 part “On To Genesis” storyline will feature similar themed cover artwork for each issue.  Also, the new issues have Karen Berger on board, the editor at Vertigo who helped the series Sandman become the masterpiece it is.  She’s doing good so far with The Unwritten.
The issue itself involves a flashback to the 50s where a lot of questions about Wilson Taylor (the main character’s father) are answered, questions that have been building up for the entire series so far.  If you’re looking for something to read that’s not all about superheroes, check out The Unwritten.  The Unwritten issue 28 is worth buying for the cover alone.

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