Sad News: R.I.P. Tom Wilson Sr., Creator of Ziggy

Ziggy, like Archie, is one of those comics that’s been around for so long it seems like a staple of life on Earth.  One of the reason why it’s lasted so long is because the creator, in 1987, passed the series on to his son, Tom Wilson Jr.  Now the creator has passed away, at age 80.

Ziggy’s a great character because he’s a likeable loser.  He epitomizes the underdog.  If Charlie Brown grew up, and his luck never changed, he’d be something like Ziggy.  Unlike the other newspaper comic characters, Ziggy isn’t a clever jokester.  He doesn’t have the right thing to say at the right time.  Instead, every day he’ll find himself in a new ironic situation.  He’s the sort of character everyone can identify with.  If Tom Wilson Sr. was at all like his character, then I’d imagine he lived his life with considerable aplomb and a fine sense of humor.


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