Funniest Comic Book Ad I’ve Ever Seen

One of the greatest joys of reading old comic books for me is poring over the ads.  On one hand, they serve as cultural documents, showing what people’s interests and values were decades ago, and on the other hand, they’re frequently hilarious.  Some of the funniest I’ve seen would have to be the Charles Atlas ads where bullies at a beach kick sand in a geek’s face, but then the geek enrolls in the Atlas program and returns to bully the bully, and the “OJ Dingo” ads from decades ago when OJ Simpson lent his likeness to promote, of all things, cowboy boots.  I thought nothing could quite surpass those.  I was wrong.  While reading through an old Archie comic, I came across this one.

raquel welch ad zoomed in

I don’t know what’s funnier, that an actress would allow her image to be turned into an inflatable “rugged vinyl” (?) headrest, or that the makers would choose to advertise this in an all-ages Archie comic.  I guess this explains why Raquel never got the best actress Oscar for One Million Years B.C.

scanned full page of ads

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