Comic Book Pick of the Day: Static Shock #1

scanned cover to Static Shock #1, penciling by Scott McDaniel

Something special’s going on in the pages of Static Shock.  I have to say that this book is one of the highlights of the DC relaunch for me.  One reason I recommend it is because, while so many comics go for an older, more mature audience, Static Shock is a good one for teenagers.  Once upon a time, teenagers were comics’ biggest audience.  Now, the sales mostly come from men in their 20s or 30s, and the comics adapted to accomodate, but in the process, often came to overlook the younger readers.
In Static Shock, not only is the main character a teen, but he’s also living with his parents and siblings, giving the book a family dynamic most comics lack.  Teen Titans, for instance, is a team made up of a bunch of orphans who live together in a big tower in the shape of a T, without parents to report to.  Static Shock lives in the suburbs, and has to sneak off to do his superhero chores.  It’s a book that young people can identify with, and at the same time, it’s not dumbed down–just the opposite, it’s heavy on dialogue.
The issue is drawn and written by Scott McDaniel, with help on scripts by John Rozum (who previously wrote Xombi).  Scott McDaniel’s art I’ve liked ever since his long run on Nightwing, but since that series ended, I haven’t come across his work very much.  It seems in the downtime, he’s only improved, as the backgrounds of the panels are filled with more detail than ever before.  In many instances, the city backdrop just looks amazing.  Also, the story has a strong cyberpunk element, without the bleak cyberpunk attitude.  Static Shock’s character is a kid who’s good with computers, something that’s becoming more and more of a daily reality with the younger generation.


2 thoughts on “Comic Book Pick of the Day: Static Shock #1

  1. Here’s an odd piece of news: I just read John Rozum has already quit writing Static Shock after a single issue. He said in an interview it has nothing to do with DC, and that he’s currently working on other ideas for the company. Oh well. Scott McDaniel can carry the series.

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