Wishful Thinking: What I’d Like to See From DC

Now that DC’s fresh and new, it seems like it’s a good time to shake up the old status quo.  Anything goes.  There’s some huge changes already in effect, such as the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and the rebirth of the Justice League International as a team.  For this occasion, I came up with a list of things I’d like to see happen in DC now that comics are given this opportunity.  I realize of course I have no actual involvement with comic publishing, so just call this wishful thinking.

1) I’d sincerely like to see DC incorporate Asian characters into the mix whose powers aren’t stereotypical or asanine.  In the past, DC has attempted to bring in Asian characters, but they didn’t last very long.  The annoying part of it was, every Asian just about had powers revolving around technology or kung-fu.  That’d be like having every American character have powers revolving around football or hiking.  Most superheroes are allowed things lke psionic blasts, flight, and bullet-deflecting chests, so why does every Asian get stuck with a sword or a nice computer?  One of the few DC characters I can think of who wasn’t gratingly stereotypical was Xombi, but that only lasted 6 issues at DC.

2)  I’m also hoping DC cuts down on hero-on-hero violence.  If you read a lot of comics, this happens all the time.  Two superheroes get into a tiff, then they punch each other for a few pages, come to a standstill, and later save each other’s lives (for example, Iron Man 2).  Or what’ll happen is that one character will act like a villain, fight a fellow superhero, until it turns out the character was mind-controlled, and it was the hero’s punching that knocked some sense into them.  My problem is, this happens all the time, so much so that I know nothing’s going to come of it.

3)  This is going to sound a little weird, but I’m hoping DC writers allow Kyle Rayner to have a decent relationship with a significant other.  Back in the 90s to the present, Kyle Rayner has mourned the loss of more girlfriends than any other mainstream superheroes I can think of.  Very shortly after he became the successor to Hal Jordan, Kyle’s girlfriend was killed, and not only that, but she had an overly gruesome death, with Kyle finding her body inside of a refrigerator (this instance would inspire Gail Simone to start her famous “women in refrigerators” site, listing every female character that was killed in mainstream comics).  If that wasn’t enough, Jade and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) were killed, both of whom he dated for a time.  One death is enough to give a character motivation to be a hero (such as the death of Barry Allen’s mother), two deaths are understandable (Bruce Wayne’s parents, Dick Grayson’s parents) but three is just overkill.  I don’t even care who Kyle dates at this point.  He can date Granny Goodness or Lobo, but please don’t insist on killing them off afterwards.

4)  I’m hoping DC sees it fit to cut back on big events for a while.  The relaunch of every title is already the biggest event imaginable, so we don’t need any sort of universe shaking cataclysm right away.  I think DC should allow the characters at least a year to develop at this point, letting fans know who these new versions of old faves are, before bringing intergalactic strife into the equation.

5) This is a big one: please don’t let superheroes kill!  It’s my theory that part of the reason why the DC relaunch was necessary in the first place is because too many of the characters’ reputations were tarnished when they eventually killed villains.  In recent years we had Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord and Green Arrow killing Prometheus.  Damien Wayne, the newest Robin, has already been shown killing several people, and he’s not even old enough to shave.  Then, Final Crisis featured Batman breaking his “no guns” principle.  Just when it seemed Hal Jordan’s murdering days were behind him (back when he was possessed by Parallax), he goes and kills Krona.  For me, at least, when a superhero kills a character, it makes the comic harder to enjoy.  For instance, I have a hard time getting into Deadpool for that reason, although I do enjoy his excessive use of punchlines.  I’ve never liked Punisher for that same reason.  Marvel comics are more lenient when it comes to characters killing (such as X-Force), but DC has built up a reputation for having virtuous heroes–there’s definitely more gray areas in Marvel.  Plus, it raises a lot of questions, like, if Wonder Woman can kill Maxwell Lord, why not kill Joker while she’s at it?  The entire DC universe makes less sense when characters kill, and allowing them to do so just means the universe is in danger.

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