DC’s Dorkiest Comic: Action Comics #241

scanned cover to Showcase Presents Superman, Vol. 1

Of course, I realize there’s no shortage of dorky DC comics out there, especially from the Silver Age of comics, but Action Comics #241 takes the cake–literally.

You know how absent-minded people will hide a key to their front door hidden under a rock or flower pot?  A lot of people don’t know this, but in the early years, Superman did the same thing with his Fortress of Solitude!  The Fortress of Solitude used to have a large door in front, but not just everyone could get in.  To enter, one had to use a giant key that Superman left on top of an Arctic mountain peak, a key so big that only Superman could lift it.

In Action Comics #241, Superman finds out someone has entered his fortress, but can’t figure out who or how.  He’s so disturbed by this, he can’t complete what he calls his “super-chores” to the best of his abilities.  He searches in vain through the fortress for the intruder, finding terse writing on the wall.  This goes on for more than a full day until the intruder lets his presence be known: Batman!

It turns out, the whole time the intruder was Batman, and not only that, but the only reason why he went to such great lengths was to surprise Superman on the anniversary of the day he crashed on Earth (almost like his birthday).  He then invites Supes over to the Batcave where there’s a giant cake waiting for them.  In what’s possibly the dorkiest moment in the comic, it’s revealed Batman baked the cake!  Batman reveals how he got inside: instead of trying to lift the key, he hollowed out a cavity and hid inside the key itself, making his way into the Fortress of Solitude right as Superman unlocked it.

Much of it really makes no sense.  Why would Batman leave Gotham for more than a day just to prank Superman?  Why would he take the time out to bake a giant cake?  Why is the cake giant (it looks about 20 feet wide)?  Lastly, why is there no one else at Superman’s anniversary party?  Are Batman and Superman going to eat a giant cake by themselves?

Action Comics #241 can be found in Showcase Presents Superman, Vol. 1.  It’s a good deal for a graphic novel–500+ pages for $9.99.

Reminder: this is DC Week here, and I’ll be loading a lot of content about old DC issues until Thursday.


If you can think of a DC issue dorkier than Action Comics #241, please write a description in the comments box.


One thought on “DC’s Dorkiest Comic: Action Comics #241

  1. HA! I haven’t read that one yet, but it sounds wonderfully cheesy! There is a very early Superman story, like Action #3 maybe, where Superman fights the menace of traffic. Yes, traffic. Bearing in mind this is the 1930s, how bad could traffic have possibly been at the time? I read it in Superman Chronicles, the full color books where DC was reprinting the 10 stories in chronological order. I think Amazon sells them for around $10.

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