Recommended Reading: Legion of 3 Worlds: Final Crisis #5

Legion of 3 Worlds: Final Crisis #5 scanned cover

In all the crisis events by DC a major character died.  In Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was Barry Allen (the longest-running Flash), in Infinite Crisis it was Superboy, and Final Crisis featured Batman’s death.  Thankfully, in taking one of the most popular heroes away from us for about a year, Final Crisis gave us back Barry Allen and the Legion of 3 Worlds Final Crisis Tie-in brought back Superboy (and as an added bonus, also brought back Bart Allen).

The return of Superboy and Kid Flash is just one of the good things about this comic.  It also features the writing of one of the big names in comics now, Geoff Johns, and the art of George Perez, a guy who’s been working in comics for decades.  Perez has a knack for fitting more onto a single page than any other artist I know of.  He can both fill a page with more panels than anyone else and load each panel with detail.

Other reasons to pick up this issue: it features the villain Superboy-Prime being defeated in the strangest way.  It features a few goofy Legionnaires like ‘Duplicate Damsel’ and ‘Bouncing Boy.’  There’s a funny piece of metafiction where Superboy reads a comic about himself.  Geoff Johns will be writing a huge amount of comics after the relaunch (Green Lantern, Aquaman and JLA simultaneously) and we can only hope they’re of this quality.

If you liked this post on Legion of 3 Worlds: Final Crisis #5, check out my review of the original Superboy.


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