Comic Book Pick of the Day: Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #45

photo of cover to Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 45

Since this is DC week here at Panel Discussions, I thought I’d make today’s pick an issue of Aquaman featuring a character I’m betting we won’t be seeing again, Arthur Joseph Curry.  Arthur was the main character of Aquaman after the main Aquaman disappeared mysteriously for a few years (until being revived recently in Brightest Day, soon to have his own series again).

To be fair, even before the relaunch it seemed Arthur had been fully fazed out of DC.  I for one find this mishap unfortunate.  Arthur’s reign as Aquaman was written by Kurth Busiek, one of the geniuses of superhero books (he wrote Astro City, essentially the ‘optimistic’ Watchmen), and it was drawn by Butch Guice.  I managed to get a whole stack of Aquaman’s with Arthur in a blowout sale, and they were highly engaging comics.  Apart from looking like a fey Fabio, Arthur was an interesting character, fitting the archetype of ‘reluctant superhero,’ similar to Starman.

When Orin (the main Aquaman) comes back, he’ll be looking younger than ever, (from what I’ve seen, he looks more than a decade younger than he did before his “death”) and his series will be written by Geoff Johns I believe.  It’d be nice if Johns incorporated Arthur somehow, but I doubt it.

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