Check It Out. You Can Now Follow Panel Discussions on Facebook!

I just now created a facebook page for Panel Discussions.  Anyone can see it, anyone can comment on it.  So if you’re a fan of comic books, cartoons, or both, follow Panel Discussions on Facebook.  I’ll use it to put up updates about Panel Discussions.  For instance, if I write up a post I think is exceptionally interesting, I’ll put up a link on Facebook, or if I get around to writing and drawing more comics, I’ll upload them there too.  The Facebook page isn’t only about me.  I implore people to post burning questions they might have about comics, and if I can’t answer them, hopefully some other comic/cartoon enthusiast will.  If you have a funny observation about comics, then please share them.  If there’s a cartoon you think more people need to watch, write about it or put up a video.  If you’ve written a good blog about comics or cartoons, then put up a link.

My one requirement is this: no hateful rants please.  If you have criticism about a comic/cartoon that’s well thought out, that’s fine to put on the site, but don’t just write a series of slurs and call it an enlightened opinion.  If you have criticisms that aren’t well thought out but are at least funny, then those are just fine–in fact, those are my favorite kinds of criticism.

To see the Panel Discussions page, click the image below (also located on the sidebar).

click here to follow my Facebook page for Panel Discussions


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