Comic Book Pick of the Day: Iron Man Director of SHIELD #15

scanned cover to Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #15

Review of Iron Man Director of SHIELD issue 15.

Oftentimes, when Marvel and DC create big cross-over events, they always say the event will change the universes forever, but then the changes only last a few issues and the status quo is reasserted.  Not so with Marvel’s Civil War event.  If you didn’t follow it, it was a big summer story where Iron Man insisted all of the heroes reveal their secret identities and cooperate with the government, and the superhero community was split down the middle, Tony Stark on one side and Steve Rogers (Captain America) on the other. While most of the after-effects of that story were quelled (there’s no longer a big rift and Steve Rogers is alive and well), what has had a lasting effect is the perception of Tony Stark.  To this day I still think of him as tainted.

He used to be a likeable eccentric millionaire, but after the Civil War he now seems like a right-wing nutjob.  Stan Lee has said that when he created Tony Stark, he had the young Howard Hughes in mind.  After the Civil War, Iron Man seemed more like the old Howard Hughes.

Iron Man Director of SHIELD issue 15 tried to alter his image and make him likeable again, and to some extent succeeded.  This involves Tony using unorthodox methods to save lives and improve the working conditions for government employees.  There’s still a long way to go before I can easily like Iron Man again.  Currently, I’m liking Iron Man 2.0 more.

If you like Iron Man Director of Shield 15, check out my review of the Iron Man Extremis  motion comic.


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